Fiction Shelving

Great to put units in the centre of the room also on walls with higher or no windows. For shelves required you will need to find out amount of books in collection and divide by 70. This will allow approximately 70 books per 900mm flat shelf. Novel height & depth is a lot smaller than the above which gives you more room between shelves. (New way of display) novels in browser bins with dividers, especially series books. This will hold almost double the amount of novels than a flat shelf. Great with series books and display front covers.

Suggested Shelf Height and Depth:

  • 1225mmH with 4 x 200 or 250mm flat shelves for Primary Schools
  • 1525mmH with 5 x 200 or 250mm flat shelves for Primary, Secondary and Public
  • 1825mmH with 6 x 200 or 250mm flat shelves for Secondary and Public