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Paul or Harry can work with you to create the perfect learning space and make your library / Learning space stand out from the rest. We offer a CAD drawing design so you can visualise how your library will look , call 0883541522 to get a free quote and design.

Fry Library - Free Design
Fry Library - Custom Furniture

Custom furniture

Frys offer a free Design and quote, we custom make Furniture to your specifications. Sometimes an off-the shelf item may not suit you or the space you have. Fry Library Supplies can work with you to create the right solution for your needs.

Our custom furniture is made and designed here in Australia and we have a focus on providing you with a quality product that will stand-up in any commercial environment.

Custom Metal Shelving

Display your library’s collection with shelving that will enhance your collection and increase borrowing.
Our range of shelving options can be used to update your existing shelving or change the way your books are displayed.
We provide FREE library shelving measurement and quote services that will provide you with expert advice on:
• Total of bays/shelves needed to house your library collection
• The choice between static and rolling shelving
• Ideal height of each post
• The types of shelves – display or flat
• The use of canopies
• Enhancing your library with over 30 shelving accessories


Fry Library - Custom Metal Shelving

Information To assist you in what

sort of metal shelving would best suit you

*Other forms of Shelving
Available on Request

1. Canopy Shelf
2. Underslung Endplate
3. CD/DVD Shelf
4. CD/DVD Display Shelf
5. CD/DVD Display Rack 2 Tier
6. CD/DVD Display Rack 4 Tier
7. Zig-zag Shelf Display
8. Selecta Shelf
9. Magazine Shelf
10. Magazine Display Shelf 2 Tier

11. Magazine Display Shelf 3 Tier
12. Hanging Bag Rail
13. Pull out Reference Shelf
14. Hinged Shelf
15. Browser Bin
16. Uptilt End Plates
17. Uptilt Shelf
18. Stayput Book Support
19. Bookshelf Indicator
20. Bookend

21. Slotted Shelf Endplate
22. Slotted Shelf Back
23. Slotted Shelf
24. Slotted Shelf Divider
25. Magazine Waterfall Shelf 6 Tier
26. End Panel Plain
27. End Panel Display
28. End Panel Display Shelf

Metal Shelving Features and Information

Fiction Shelving

Great to put units in the centre of the room also on walls with higher or no windows. For shelves required you will need to find out the amount of books in collection and divide by 70. This will allow approximately 70 books per 900mm flat shelf. Novel height & depth is a lot smaller than the above which gives you more room between shelves. (New way of display) novels in browser bins with dividers, especially series books. This will hold almost double the amount of novels than a flat shelf. Great with series books and display front covers.

Suggested Shelf Height and Depth:
• 1225mmH with 4 x 200 or 250mm flat shelves for Primary Schools
• 1525mmH with 5 x 200 or 250mm flat shelves for Primary, Secondary and Public Schools
• 1825mmH with 6 x 200 or 250mm flat shelves for Secondary and Public Schools

Non-Fiction Shelving

Great to put units in the centre of the room also on walls with higher or no windows. Will need to find out the amount of books in the collection and divide by 70. This will allow approximately 70 books per 900mm flat shelf. Will give the non cluttered look, break up bays with display shelves if have the room, great visual for the kids.
Now schools & Public Libraries are using the Browser Bins for face out display
Suggested Shelf Height and Depth:
• 1525mmH with 4 x 300mm shelves for Primary Schools.
• 1225mmH with 5 x 300mm shelves for Secondary and Public Libraries

Shelf Loads and Sizes

The range of shelves, inclusive of both 600mm and 900mm width and their respective available depths, have been tested and rated in accordance with AS2273-1979 at a load bearing capacity of 50kg.

Mobile Conversion

Turn your existing shelving into Mobile. Drill a 12mm hole through the existing post leg. Castor weight capacity 100kgs.

Fry Library - Custom Design Badge

* For all of the mobile units add 100mm to the above heights
* All mobile units have 300mm deep bottom shelves

Single Sided Library Shelving Static Heights

All Single Units 938mmW x 380mmD
All add on bays 903mmW x 380mmD

Blackwood Community Library, SA

McDonald Park School , Mount Gambier SA

Kilmore Primary Foundation Space , VIC

Temple Christian College, Mile end SA

Emmaus Christian College - Brooklyn Park Campus

Kingsgrove High School , NSW

Concordia College St John's Campus

Belmore South Public School , NSW

Kilmore Primary School, Victoria

Concordia College

Trinity College Gawler River

Meadows Primary School , SA

St Francis of Assisi , SA

My New Project

Ngutu College Library , Woodvile North SA

Bellevue Heights Primary , Bellevue Heights SA

Walkerville Primary School , SA

Mount Barker South Primary School

St Michael's College, South Australia

Clapham Primary School

North Adelaide Primary School

Forbes Primary School

Pinnacle College

Cambelltown Public Library

ST Agnes Primary School, St Agnes SA